Small Farmer's Communication Centre
Small Farmer's Communication Centre



Both Marco and Rosemary have spent their lives working in research and development aimed at helping small farmers, but have seen so many projects whose impact has been much smaller than what was aimed for. The Foundation believes that to achieve successful development in rural communities, it is necessary that the initiative should lie within the group and not be imposed from outside, so that the participants feel ownership of the project, and contribute their own ideas about how it should be run.

It is also important to focus on practical action and experience, which the small farmers understand intuitively, rather than too much theory. For this reason we decided to put into practice the methodology Appreciative Inquiry, which facilitates this process.

The farm and its installations are open (on appointment) to groups of visitors.

In the Small Farmers’ Communication Centre (CCC), where we have refurbished the old house built by the family of the previous owners, the brothers Fernandez Cordero, we hope to install a library and an Internet service, and offer courses on participative action for farmers’ groups. In addition, we hope to employ a librarian who can compile information on potential markets for the many different products of this region.

We also hope to establish a group of supporters of the Foundation who will use the facilities to organise meetings, workshops and discussion groups on the many different aspects of the development of the region.