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Positive change


If we could convert our negative experiences into positive ones by learning a new way of looking at them, we could turn the vicious circle of negativity and cynicism into a virtuous circle for obtaining change. We can achieve this through a better understanding both of ourselves and of others, by using well proven methods, such as meditation, and newer ones, such as Appreciative Inquiry. There is also much to learn from the experiences of great leaders. Trompenaars & Hampton-Turner (2001)[1] show that truly creative thought requires an ability to solve dilemmas. The dilemma arises from two extremes, and success comes from ideas which take into account both extremes.

The spiritual facet of life is composed of different virtues we are all born with, for example: love, beauty, truth, justice, wisdom, hope and humility. Maybe they can be summed up by the word GOOD. As human beings we strive to achieve these virtues through different fields of endeavour or creativity – art, science, commerce, religion, education, charity, service. They are counteracted by their respective vices, which can be summed up by the word BAD. In each of us there is a component of goodness and badness.It is naïve to try to classify anything or anyone as wholly GOOD or BAD. All things are on a gradient between the two extremes. Here we represent these ideas in a table, which is a development of the diagram presented by Sylvester-Bradley (1979)[2], and shows the opposing vices and virtues within each discipline. Our spirituality allows us to overcome (transcend) this conflict. If we can learn to meditate, we can help ourselves to do this, and resolve many problems in our daily lives. Our “inner voice”, which we learn to listen to when we meditate, is the voice of true wisdom, and will lead us to understand and act in ways that will result in a sense of real achievement.


Field of Endeavour or creativity




Fair, ethical wealth creation, Generosity, Peace

Unfair, unethical wealth creation, Greed, Violence

Art, Science

Beauty, Truth, Unselfishness

Ugliness, Falsity, Envy


Compassion, Hope, Trust

Selfishness, Despair, Distrust








Fairness, Loyalty to principles

Injustice, Pettiness


Wisdom, Patience, Discipline

Ignorance, Foolishness, Laziness, Impatience