Prisma Foundation
Prisma Foundation


Fudesemillas and Prisma Foundation are two non-profit organisations based in Costa Rica and England respectively, whose aim is to help small farmers by developing appropriate technology for adding value to rural products,closing the gap between the small farmers and the final consumer, via local and international fair trade. We look for ethical investment to finance the sustainable enterprises which are established to use the new technologies we develop. In the future we wish to broaden our activities to include other selected regions in Central America. To help us achieve these aims we offer to host experienced volunteer workers for periods of 6 months or more.


The Foundation is interested in building up a group of affiliated members who contribute in different ways to strengthen our ideas and projects, and help us to obtain financial support. We invite those individuals, companies or organisations who feel they can help us through their ideas, work, financial support or contacts to become members of the Foundation. Every member may participate in our Annual Meeting, receive our news bulletin, join in our projects and enjoy visits to our farm, Finca Santa Juana, which offers a space for thought and development of new ideas.

We are also looking for volunteers who can contribute with their experience to our activities.

Fundación para el Desarrollo de la  Producción, Calidad, y Uso de Semillas en Centroamérica

Apdo. 301, Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica.
Tel: 2770-2002
Location: Beside the Municipal Slaughter house, Juntas de Pacuar, 
Pérez Zeledón, Costa Rica.Location: Beside the Municipal Slaughter house, Juntas de Pacuar,